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CAT is a comprehensive system to measure Thrombin generation based on fluorescence according to the Hemker et al. method. (Research product)

Flurorescence allows the use of PPP or PRP. The calibrator plasma makes the quantitation of thrombin generated possible. It also corrects the signal for the colour of the plasma, inner filter effect and substrate depletion.

The dedicated software calculates in real time all the relevant parameters like ETP (Endogenous Thrombin Potential), lag time, time to peak, peak and maximal velocity of thrombin generation.

Ready to use standardised reagents explore different components of thrombin generation: plasma, platelets, microparticles, antithrombic drugs and antiplatelet drugs.

• Thrombin Calibrator

• PRP Reagent

• MP Reagent

• PPP Reagent

• PPP Reagent Low

• PPP Reagent High

• FluCa Kit

FLUOROSKAN (Thermo) analyser supplied with:

• 1 excitation filter 390 nM

• 1 emission filter 460 nM

• 1 Thrombinoscope software dedicated to thrombin generation measurement

• 1 user guide

• 1 USB flash

• 1 Dell PC

• 1 kit of 10 calibrators, 5 PPP and 5 PRP reagents

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