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QWERTY Keyboard 58832 TA-8V 58833 TA-4V

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Semi automated analyser for the exploration and evaluation of platelet function in a citrated platelet rich plasma.

A reliable, fast and effective instrument with an ergonomic design.

Platelet function disorders are associated to bleedings.

In conjunction with the clinical examination of the patient, platelet ability to aggregate can be evaluated by Light Transmission Aggregometry (LTA).

LTA is considered the Gold Standard  for testing platelet function, because it provides important information that is essential for the diagnostic work-up of patients with platelet function defects.

- Constitutional thrombopathy (Glanzmann thrombasthenia, Bernard-Soulier, etc.) - Acquired thrombopathy - Follow-up of anti-platelet treatments - Platelet hypersensitivity

Platelet Aggregometers TA-8V & TA-4V

1 accessory pack 1 screen

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