Focus on Haemostasis

Stago environmental policy: unwavering support at all levels of the company

We control our consumption of resources as part of a global approach in line not only with our corporate strategy, but also an environmental policy of benefit to all.

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5th volume in Stago’s “Practical Manual in Haemostasis” collection

The last two volumes were devoted to anticoagulants (parenteral, then oral), it made sense that the Clinical Development Department had to turn its attention to another side with the exploration of bleeding disorders.

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ST Genesia launched!

The ST Genesia was officially launched at an event held in the Synapse church of Maastrich on the 14th of June 2018.

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The 64th edition of the ISTH SSC Meeting was a real success for Stago!

This year’s annual ISTH SSC Meeting was held from 18 to 21 July 2018 in the very beautiful city of Dublin. These meetings are always eagerly awaited in the Thrombosis and Haemostasis community...

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Stago continues to ditch paper!

In April 2017, Stago officially launched its IFU (Instruction for Use) platform at so that customers worldwide could visit and download reagent instructions, analyser reference manuals and safety data sheets that...

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