A new boosted STA®-ImmunoDef intrinsic factor line

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As part of Stago's continuous improvement commitment, STA®-ImmunoDef* intrinsic factor kits were developed as a new generation of Deficient Plasmas with enhanced performances.

Intrinsic factor measurement allows for the characterisation of clinically significant conditions such as Haemophilia A (Factor VIII) and B (Factor IX). Robust and reliable reagents promote increased laboratory efficiency. * Availability depending upon the country

Optimum analytical performance for even more reliable patient results

  • Extended working range with one calibration curve:

- STA®-ImmunoDef VIII : 0,7-400%
- STA®-ImmunoDef IX : 0,7-300%
- STA®-ImmunoDef XI : 1-200%
- STA®-ImmunoDef XII : 3-300%
- No more low calibration curve needed

  • Perfect correlation of low patient results


  • Very good precision on the entire working range

Adapted reagents whatever the clinical context, especially for the diagnosis and monitoring of haemophilia

  • Enhanced reagents on board stability (8 h)
  • - Assay available for a long time
  • Stability and robustness of calibrations
  • - No systematic calibration needed

Efficient reagents for an easier laboratory practice

Compliant with current international guidelines

  • Calibrators & controls assayed against WHO International Standards*
  • - For standardised results
  • Residual activity of immunodepleted factor <1%*
  • - Ensures reliability of patient's for low results
  • Other coagulation factors at normal levels
  • - For specific measurements
  • Addition of VWF (STA®-ImmunoDef VIII)
  • - Adapted to Bethesda and Nijmegen inhibitor assays

*STA®-ImmunoDef VIII, STA®-ImmunoDef IX, STA®-ImmunoDef XI