How to measure apixaban by Stago!

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STA®-Apixaban Calibrator and STA®-Apixaban Control used in combination with the STA®-Liquid Anti-Xa offer the measurement of apixaban plasmatic concentration.

This Anti-Xa specific method features a wide working range and a high sensitivity in the low range. Fully automated and easy to use, it offers robust results in less than 6 minutes.

Anti-Xa method to measure apixaban

  • with the STA®-Liquid Anti-Xa reagent
  • and dedicated calibrators and controls
  • provides results in ng/mL

Superior analytical performances

  • wide working range: 20 to 500 ng/mL
  • high sensitivity in the low range
  • excellent correlation with the reference method LCMS

Easy to use Anti-Xa reagent

  • liquid, ready to use
  • fully automated, barcoded vials
  • results in less than 6 minutes

Easy to use Anti-Xa reagent

  •   liquid, ready to use
  •   fully automated, barcoded vials
  •   results in less than 6 minutes




STA®-Liquid Anti-Xa

STA®-Apixaban Calibrator

STA®-Apixaban Control


Cat. Nr. 0311 - 6 x 4 mL
Cat. Nr. 0322 - 6 x 8 mL

Cat. Nr. 1075 – 3 x 4 x 1 mL

Cat. Nr. 1074 – 3 x 2 x 1 mL





On board stability

7 days

4 hours

8 hours

2 - 8°C stability

3 months


7 days

1. Becker RC et al., Chromogenic laboratory assays to measure the factor-Xa inhibiting properties of apixaban - an oral, direct and selective factor Xa inhibitor. J Thromb Thrombolysis 2011; 32:183-187
2. Barret YC et al., Clinical laboratory measurement of direct factor Xa inhibitors: Anti-Xa assay is preferable to prothrombin time assay. Thromb Haemost 2010; 104:1263-1271

*Note: Not available in all countries. In the USA this product is classified as "For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures"