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From medical applications

Complications of heparin treatment

In the absence of any straightforward laboratory tests, the most severe complication, known as type II heparin-induced thrombocytopenia (HIT) has...

From medical applications

STA-Procoag-PPL or making microparticles talk

Midway between plasma haemostasis and cellular haemostasis are microparticles, rich in procoagulant phospholipids. An increase in this procoagulant...

From medical applications

Remaining abreast of changes in biomedical science

Listening to and exchanging ideas with members of the biomedical science community has enabled Stago to develop its expertise in the search for...

From medical applications

Complete industrial autonomy

Achieving a balanced policy with regard to investment in research & development (R&D), technological monitoring and rational acquisitions is a key...


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This free educational application in English is the first of its kind and has been developed by an expert in Haemostasis… Stago.

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New: How to measure apixaban by Stago!

STA®-Apixaban Calibrator and STA®-Apixaban Control are the newest innovative products in the Anticoagulant Line. Used in combination with the STA®-Liquid Anti-Xa, they offer the measurement of apixaban plasmatic concentration.

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In 1977, with Bjarne Østerud, Dr. S.I. Rapaport described the activation of factor IX by factor VIIa/tissue factor complex as an additional pathway in the initiation of blood coagulation.

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