Quality Policy

A shared commitment

Stago’s vision is to be a referent in in vitro diagnostics for the good health of as many people as possible.
Its mission is to improve personalised patient care by providing powerful blood diagnostics solutions, particularly in hemostasis and cellular hematology.
• Underpinned by values shared by all employees:
• Commitment and Accountability, in line with the company’s vision and mission
• Entrepreneurship, a driving force since Stago’s inception
• Collaborative Team Spirit, essential for achieving our expertise objectives
• Customer Satisfaction, with not only our products but also our services
• Attentiveness, Empathy and Ethics, towards our patients, partners and employees

At Stago, we evaluate our Quality Management System continuously to ensure:
• our products, services, activities and working methods are always in line with recent scientific, clinical, legal, regulatory and normative developments;
• optimum environmental protection, through control of energy (sources and consumption), sorting and recycling of waste, eco-friendly practices, pollution prevention and other environment-related measures.

These objectives are known to all, and are approved and reviewed regularly at the highest level of our organisation.

Every employee is aware of their essential contribution to our Quality approach, and is actively involved in the Group’s improvement process.

Thanks to the mobilisation and commitment of all, Stago can continuously adapt to meet the expectations of our customers and partners.

Jean-Claude Piel

The Taverny site is a French manufacturing facility for in vitro diagnostics reagents that has an ISO 14001 certified management system.