Stago Group Brands Presentation

Stago Group brands


This is the Stago Group’s parent brand. It developed its first reagents in the 1960s, and in 1988 launched its first analyser, which already incorporated Stago’s gold standard Viscosity-based Detection System (VSD). Today, Stago is a leading brand and global reference in Hemostasis, with a strong international presence encompassing more than 120 countries. Its range of systems and reagents covers all the needs of Hemostasis laboratories, from routine labs to research labs, including dynamic Thrombin Generation assays.


Tcoag acts in synergy with the Stago brand, offering a product range incorporating two measurement technologies clotting (mechanical and optical), for which the targeted market positioning is based on local conditions. This brand resulted from the Stago Group’s purchase in 2010 of Trinity Biotech’s coagulation business, which itself resulted from the coming together of several top names in the coagulation world. The first Tcoag system developed after joining the Stago Group was the DT 100.


In 2017, the Stago Group acquired HemoSonics (USA) with the aim of developing Point-of-Care (POC) Hemostasis solutions for rapid clinical decision support to optimise patient management in emergency settings. The first of these systems was Quantra, which measures clot viscoelasticity using a patented ultrasound technology (SEER, Sonic Estimation of Elasticity via Resonance).


Stago BioCare is the subsidiary of the Stago Group dedicated to the distribution of the Point-of-Care products range (Quantra® and qLabs® FIB) in France and Belgium. 
The Point-of-Care solutions offered are intended to guide the transfusion strategy of anesthesiologists and intensivists facing with severe hemorrhage at the patient's bedside. Their use is part of  the Patient Blood Management approach, with main indications including cardiac surgery, liver transplantation, as well as the management of polytrauma and postpartum hemorrhage.


The biotech company BioCytex originated in the La Timone/La Conception university hospital complex in Marseilles, France in the early 1990s, and joined the Stago Group in 1994. Specialised in the development of standardised kits for quantitative flow cytometry in cellular Hemostasis, BioCytex works in particular on platelet analysis, but also on leukocyte and red blood cell analysis.


Agro-Bio is a research subsidiary of the Stago Group, offering biotech solutions and specific products for the life sciences sector since its creation in 1975. Its areas of operation and expertise cover immunotechnology, proteomics and platelet aggregation for public and private sector research clients. The heart of its activity is the development and production of antibodies.


The Synapse research institute grew out of Maastricht University in the Netherlands, and is a specialist and pioneer in global assays relating to Thrombin Generation. Its research programme leads it to cooperate with a variety of partners from the pharmaceutical industry and health sector. The Synapse team includes doctors, pharmacists, biochemists and engineers, whose complementary skills enable it to undertake both basic and applied research in order to design and develop new products.