Coagulation: an Essential Choice


  • 1945: Laboratoire Stago (Paris, France) founded.
  • 1962: Development of the first Hemostasis reagents.
  • 1976: Laboratoire Stago becomes Diagnostica Stago: The business becomes wholly devoted to Hemostasis.
  • 1985: US subsidiary opened.
  • 1987: Instrumentation activity launched.
  • 1988: First automated coagulation analyser patented.
  • 1992: Participation in the development of BioCytex, a start-up specialized in cellular biology,  specifically in the study of platelets.
  • 1992: STA released worldwide.
  • 1994: BioCytex joins the Stago Group.
  • 1995: STA-R released worldwide.
  • 2000: New reagents production unit (Taverny – France).
  • 2003: China subsidiary opened.
  • 2005: United Kingdom subsidiary opened.
  • 2008: Distribution office in Dubai (UAE) and subsidiaries in Australia/NZ and Canada opened.
  • 2009: DSRV Inc* created – Clarkston, Georgia - USA: following the acquisition of Life Diagnostics (Octapharma diagnosis activity), specialized in tests for lupus anticoagulants and  the Synapse* and Thrombinoscope* acquisition (Maastricht, NL), companies specialized in Thrombin Generation.
  • 2010: Tcoag Ireland Limited* created, following the acquisition of Trinity Biotech’s coagulation business.
  • 2011: Distribution office in Hong Kong.
  • 2012: European subsidiaries opened (Austria, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland).
  • 2012: First Max Generation analyser launched (STA Compact Max).
  • 2012: Taverny is certified ISO 14001.
  • 2014: Distribution office in Gurgaon (India).
  •  2017: Acquisition of HemoSonics LLC*  a company specialized in the development of innovative Point-of-Care testing solutions.
  • 2017: Albio becomes a Stago subsidiary, Stago Turkey.
  • 2018: Creation of Stago BioCare to distribute POC solutions and the Quantra system in France and French-speaking Belgium.
  • 2020: MediServ becomes a Stago subsidiary, Stago KSA.
  • 2023: Opening if the Lab in Taverny. 

    * Stago Group Companies


Developing our expertise

We can only develop our expertise in our quest to ensure growth with the full commitment of all the men and women working within the group.
Today, Stago, a French group, employs nearly 2,600 people and has an increasingly international profile, with 35% of its employees currently working outside of France.

Carefully controlled growth

Stago, an unlisted independent family group, is seeking long-term development. All strategic decisions related to the organization, investment, acquisitions, partnerships, product development and new subsidiaries are carefully taken by the executive board and the president with a view to ensuring that the group endures.


Strength in specialization

Since 1962, Stago has dedicated its entire resources to developing the single field of coagulation. Permanently attuned to the medical and scientific communities, Stago is actively interested in all advances in this domain and in all the implications of such progress. Through this strategic approach, the company now has many major patents and innovations.
With more than 350 coagulation products, Stago offers a wide product portfolio through its highly effective commercial network (subsidiaries and distributors) and is a market leader in its field.

  • Plasma Coagulation Testing:
    From routine tests to investigation of highly specialized parameters, some of which have been developed solely for specific studies throughout the world.
    A complete range of analyzers and systems designed to meet the requirements of all laboratories (either autonomous or integrated into an Laboratory Automation System).
  • Cellular Coagulation Testing:
    Use of flow cytometry to study platelets, e.g. cellular receptors and microparticles (BioCytex).
  • Thrombin Generation, a new dynamic approach to coagulation testing: 
    Development of standardized analytical systems.