Message of Diagnostica Stago SAS President

Day in, day out, Stago is committed to enhancing healthcare quality by offering laboratories advanced testing systems and superior services, the fruit of our Hemostasis expertise and know-how (reagents, instruments, disposables and data management).

Distributed in over 110 countries through a network of subsidiaries and exclusive distributors, we can guarantee our customers a superior service and a product portfolio that meets the demands of global healthcare systems. Today we export over 91% of our production, developed and made in France.

Having specialized in coagulation for over 40 years, Stago has acquired solid industrial experience (R&D, standardisation and production) in the field of In Vitro Diagnostics and lasting recognition from the scientific community.
Clinical pathology is constantly evolving and expanding. New biomedical discoveries are moving medicine increasingly towards personalized treatments that require diagnostic markers and ever more precise exploratory tools. Information and communications technologies are changing the manner in which health care is organized. These promising concepts are at the forefront of our minds as we steer Stago’s development.

These are our challenges for tomorrow.

Jean-Claude Piel
President of Diagnostica Stago S.A.S.