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At Stago, we are strongly believing that the key of success is to work with our customer as partners, to ensure your laboratory success. MyOptiLab workflow analysis is a collaborative process where we will work by your side to accomplish your excellence goals.

What is MyOptiLab?

A workflow analysis is an unbiased and real time observation of your typical lab processes. It highlights the sources of inefficiency and delivers recommendations for improvement. Based on Lean and Six Sigma methodologies used in various industries, MyOptiLab offers an avenue for increasing productivity and quality.

MyOptiLab : methodologies

Why Stago is the best partner?

As an expert in the field, our perspective will help to drive competencies in this specialized area, whether you are a current or future user of the Stago solution. Our team specialized in the Lean Six Sigma methodologies consists of more than 35 Lean ambassadors worldwide bringing you the best practices that we observe around the globe.

How is it working?

MyOptiLab : how is it working?

MyOptilab is a collaborative process, we will first establish goal with your team to understand your current challenges, identify your current expectations. Our Stago Lean six sigma expert will then come to observe, measure and describe the current situation. It will provide evidence of improvement and motivate your team with a clear action plan.

What to expect from MyOptiLab?

Challenge today your routine and see how Stago can help with its expertise, product and service your daily routine. You can expect to :

MyOptiLab : the benefits

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1-4 these figures are indicative and may vary greatly depending on your organization