Stago environmental policy: unwavering support at all levels of the company

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We control our consumption of resources as part of a global approach in line not only with our corporate strategy, but also an environmental policy of benefit to all.

Our Stago Environmental Management System involves more than just the industrial activities carried out at our Taverny site (an ISO 14001:2015 certified reagent production site), because it addresses the “key” stages in our product lifecycles.

Our actions help to optimise Stago’s chances of meeting the following major environmental guidelines:

  • Identify all needs and requirements associated with our activities and products
  • Adapt our consumption
  • Control our emissions, discharge and waste
  • Control our emergency situations and accidents
  • Prevent all forms of pollution
  • Adapt daily practices for our employees and ensure a working environment that is conducive to our environmental performance
  • Improve our recognition and access to international markets, which are increasingly sensitive to the environment and sustainable development

People at all levels of the company pursue this reasoned environmental approach: our ability to meet our productivity targets while complying with ISO 14001 certification regulations depends on it. We therefore do our best at Stago to protect our environment today and for future generations.

It is a challenge that our employees at Stago Taverny rise to every day. But all the 2,600 employees of our Stago Group are unified behind and respectful of this environmental approach. We know that together we are stronger, so we reduce our carbon footprint at every level of the company by consuming less energy whenever possible.