My Qualiris QC

New Stago EQA website: My Qualiris QC

My Qualiris QC logo My Qualiris QC provides an easy-to-use and comprehensive External Quality Assessment service that   will meet your daily and special coagulation testing needs. 
 Stago introduced the My Qualiris QC programme more than 10 years ago to optimise the quality approach in laboratories. My Qualiris QC is built on Stago’s hemostasis expertise, it performs full comparisons in accordance with the NF EN ISO/IEC 17043 standard to ensure reliable results.

How does My Qualiris QC work?

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How can My Qualiris QC help you?

It estimates global performance through an extensive multi-level comparison to ensure system accuracy. Our color-coded reports and alerts are easy to interpret, and they include hemostasis-specific indicators.

The new My Qualiris QC website offers a brand-new user experience, with a web app available 24/7 to ensure your network’s results are never more than a few clicks away. It allows you to manage different user profiles, submit results and consult the available reports whenever you want.

Don’t hesitate to contact your local sales representative to receive more information about the available programmes and join our next My Qualiris QC campaign! 

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