Additional Liquid Reagent! Take control of your D-Dimer testing

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D-Dimer is an essential parameter for most labs: D-Dimer results are critical for making an appropriate diagnosis and for optimal patient management. It is performed routinely and in an emergency setting (24/7)

Your D-Dimer Quality Controls play an essential role to validate the test system's performance:

  • Check the accuracy and reliability of results reported by your D-Dimer testing system for all patient samples on a daily basis
  • Evaluate the precision in various operating conditions
  • Monitor the consistency of results over a prolonged period of time
  • Comply with quality management recommendations.

Stago offers a reliable, fully automated, ready-to-use testing system with STA®-Liatest® D-Di Plus and STA®-D-Di Control.

STA®-D-Di Control are:

Compliant with international quality management recommendations
2 assayed quality controls located at ideal levels:
Control 1 ~ 0.75 µg/mL FEU
Control 2~ 2.30 µg/mL FEU

Adapted to your day-to-day D-Dimer testing activity

  • Liquid, ready-to-use: convenient for minimising handling procedures errors
  • Extended stability: 72h on board STA-R® and STA Compact®, stable for 15 days after opening when stored at 2-8°C
  • 2 mL vials: allows several QC runs per day

A key component of your system thanks to barcode-based management of product data

  • Autopopulation of dedicated ranges guarantees the safety of the system
  • Optimal management of volumes, stability, expiry dates, batch numbers etc

STA®-D-Di Control - Cat. Nr. 00868
Packaging 2 x 6 x 2 mL - Liquid
On-board stability: 72h on STA-R® and STA Compact®
Stability at 2-8°C: 15 days
Associated reagents:
- STA®-Liatest® D-Di Plus* - Cat. Nr. 00662
- STA®-Liatest® D-Di -  Cat. Nr 00515
Associated D-Di EQA program Qualiris QC D-Dimer** - Cat. Nr 01049

* Not available in USA and Canada.
** QC availability depending on the program subscription