Stago introduces a new flow analysis service: MyOptiLab

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The new MyOptiLab workflow analysis service is part of a broader strategy aimed at working more closely with laboratories. It is an elaborate process designed to optimise organisational excellence.

Workflow analysis might be described as an unbiased, real-time observation of business processes in place. It identifies causes of inefficiency and areas for improvement. MyOptiLab carries out complete analyses designed specifically for clinical pathology labs. It uses the Lean and Six Sigma methodologies applied widely in the industry and provides solutions for increasing productivity and improving patient quality of service. 

As a specialist in its field, Stago has introduced this new MyOptiLab service, designed for both current and future users of Stago solutions, to augment the expertise of haemostasis laboratories. The company will be placing over 35 experts in Lean Six Sigma methodologies – its Lean Stago ambassadors – at the service of laboratories worldwide. The team will share their experiences to summarise best practices observed in different countries and bring them to the attention of all laboratories, irrespective of their location.

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