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Health Economics Outcomes evaluation of Stago D-dimer

Improved patient outcomes and experience, shorter length of stay and cost effectiveness drive the recognition of value in today’s rapidly-evolving and competitive healthcare environment.

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STA Satellite Max: Efficiency born from Expertise

The Max family is now complete with the introduction of the STA Satellite Max. The STA Satellite Max builds on the proven strengths of the Max Generation, offering new functionalities.

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STA R Max3: Stago innovates again and again...

STA R Max3 is a high-throughput Haemostasis system and the latest addition to the Max Generation.

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Coag.One by Stago: Excellence in One Step.

Communicate and exchange information anywhere, at any time, is particularly important for laboratories who are seeking to adapt their organisation to cope with the evolution in clinical pathology.

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Thrombin Generation now available in laboratories

The new ST Genesia analyser is designed to automate and standardise results for Thrombin Generation. For laboratories, this is a significant step forward for assisting with assessment of thrombotic and haemorrhagic risks in patients.

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