A new chapter in Stago's history

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Designed and developed to be the perfect balance between innovation and coagulation expertise, Stago creates a new range of coagulation instruments: sthemO.

Two new analyzers emerged: sthemO 301 and sthemO 201.

To improve the health of as many people as possible, we are happy to share the renew of our coagulationStago_sthemO_301&201 product offer:

  • sthemO 301 is dedicated to medium to large laboratories. This fully-automated coagulation analyzer can easily step in automated tracks.
  • sthemO 201 is a bench-top analyzer for smaller laboratories and  guarantees efficiency and analytical performances – just like higher range instruments. 

To optimize these two new systems, Stago also shaped new eSolutions in a multi-products offer called sthemE. It’s user-friendly, simple and most of all, brings Stago expertise at hands.
Good news! No need to wait for more information about sthemO range. 

Let’s discover its dedicated webpage : www.sthemo.stago.com

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sthemO comes forth!



The sthemO analyzers are qualitative and/or quantitative automated hemostasis platforms for in vitro diagnostic use by clinical laboratories personnel. It is used together with dedicated sthemO reagents and controls.

The sthemE Manager is designed to manage data and information between one or several in vitro diagnostic analyzers and laboratory information systems. The system, composed of sthemE Manager and one or several analyzers, is handled by empowered laboratory personnel. sthemE Manager is not intended to be used with specific assays. The performances for Stago reagents can be found in all reagents Instructions for Use available on the Stago website.

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